ICLN Documents

Here you will find ICLN administrative documents.

Logistics Subgroup

The Laboratory Logistics Subgroup assessed the various aspects of the biological, chemical and radiological laboratory’s processes that may limit or severely limit the laboratory’s response to an event of national significance. The Subgroup also generated a document that: identifies critical resources that would or could be in limited supply that would be needed during a major national emergency response; a general inventory of critical equipment, instrumentation, supplies, and other consumable items for each of the network threat agent areas that are required to conduct laboratory analysis; guidance on local vendor warehousing of critical laboratory components and supplies; guidance or recommendations for the stockpiling of critical laboratory reagents, supplies, components, consumable items, etc.; and guidance on the sharing of key laboratory resources (to include people) among networks during an incident response.

Training Subgroup

The Training Subgroup will act as a conduit for sharing training guidance, opportunities, and resources and will catalogue training programs for the ICLN to increase the Consortium knowledge base.

Methods Subgroup

The purpose of the Methods subgroup is to determine network needs and identify available and in-process methods and provide a mechanism to coordinate development, validation, and deployment between networks and agencies to increase efficiency, transparency, and consistency.

PT/QA Subgroup

The purpose of the Proficiency Testing (PT)/Quality Assurance (QA) subgroup is to ensure confidence in laboratory results across networks, through a coordinated approach for the development and implementation of PT/QA programs.